Conducting Local Program Evaluation


We encourage sites that adopt Project TNT to conduct their own evaluation of program outcomes. The student survey that was used in the Project TNT evaluation studies has been modified for use in local evaluations. The pre-test and post-test student survey files and suggestions for their use (including the answers to the knowledge questions) may be downloaded below, either as Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or Microsoft WORD files.

Suggestions for Using the TNT Surveys


In the experimental trials of Project TNT, a variety of surveys were used to assess program implementation. The following article describes these surveys and how they were used:

Sussman, S., Dent, C.W., Stacy, A.W., Hodgson, C., Burton, D., & Flay, B.R. (1993). Project Towards No Tobacco Use: Implementation, process and posttest knowledge evaluation. Health Education Research: Theory and Practice, 8, 109-123.

For program dissemination, we have modified the original surveys to make them applicable to the majority of settings in which the program may be implemented. For each survey, the following table shows its purpose, primary respondent, and when it should be administered. It is recommended that program evaluators select the survey(s) that are most feasible to administer and which best serve their individual needs.

SurveyPurposeRespondentWhen to Administer
Session EvaluationSession EvaluationProgram ImplementerAfter every program session
Session ObservationAssess fidelity of selected program sessionsObserver (in-class); could be school administrator or outside evaluatorIt is recommended that at least 2-3 program sessions be observed
Implementation EvaluationAssess fidelity of overall program implementationProgram ImplementerAt the end of the last program session
School Staff Survey: Post-ImplementationAssess fidelity of overall implementation and program contextProgram Implementer or other school staff memberAt the end of the last program session

These surveys may be downloaded below, either as Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or Microsoft WORD files.

Session Evaluation
Session Observation
Implementation Evaluation
School Staff Survey